Thursday, February 16, 2012

Privacy and Safety Online

Privacy is a big concern to some but other seem to not care at all, that is until they feel the affects.

@Vikileaks30 is a good example of information that is readily available about or private lives.  The posted information that cannot be easily removed as search engines index it.  People copy it to other social networks.  In the case of Vikileaks it was in response to a new Bill allowing greater access to information on people without just cause.

This blog will try to guide you on ways you can keep more of your information private online.  We will do this by providing tips and links to other resources.  The first step is to find the leaks, then you can fill them.

As a first step I challenge you to google search your name and the names of your family.  A quick search will help you find some places where your address, phone number and other private info can be located.

If you have any tips, tricks or resources that would help us keep our information private, please email them to Susan Fischer at

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