Friday, February 17, 2012

Buyer awareness

When you buy something with your credit card you are being tracked.  They know your name and have a unique id to track you with.  This can be great in some ways offering special promotions to certain shoppers.  However the important thing is security.  There was a lot of ado about Google and its privacy policy and storing data on our searches.  A lot of ado about Apple and tracking your device location but those are obvious places you are being tracked.

When a store tracks your purchases, how sure are you that the data they collect is stored safely.  Did they ask your permission to collect it.  Probably not.  Websites will tell you how they will collect it, how they will share it.  Stores do not provide you with the same privacy policy.  This is a gap in our privacy both in Canada and the United States.  Let's see stores forced to provide privacy policies to their customers.  This would be a big step on ensuring your private info is not shared or if it is you are aware of who is receiving it.

In the meantime check out this article on Target.  It tells on how
how Target figured out a teen girl was pregnant before her father did/

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